Monday, June 25, 2012

Turn an old dress into an apron

This dress is another piece of clothing I have had since high school. I actually wore this dress in my senior pictures and really haven't worn it much since. I loved the pattern on this dress and never had the heart to throw it away. I knew I would figure out something for it! I've been in need of an apron for all my baking adventures and this dress made the perfect apron.

I made it to be worn as so but I like it both ways (just fold down the top part and its a waist apron). Now lets get crackin!

An old dress
Matching thread
Seam ripper
Step 1: Begin cutting from the bottom up to the top. The main point of this is to cut out the zipper. Do the same on the other side of the zipper as well.

As you can see the dress now is completely detached in the back.

Step 2: Take the strap from where it attaches to the back of the dress and using your seam ripper detach the strap. Do this on both straps but ONLY the back straps.

Step 3: As you can the fabric on top has been cut. I cut the fabric starting wider at the bottom and going more narrow as I reached the top. I then flipped the fabric on top of the uncut side (pictured above) and used it as a guide to keep both sides even.

Step 4: Fold over the edge that you have just cut about 1/4 inch to a half inch and pin. Sew along the edge and your done!

My cousin Emma came to visit this weekend and we altered some high waisted jeans into shorts. Unfortunately I did not take pictures during the process but I plan on making a tutorial for these shorts soon! Here is a picture of the results.

These shorts sell for easily $50, so a $5 alternative sounds much nicer to me.

Happy Sewing!

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