Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Crop Top

My little sister Sophie got this shirt a few months ago and I think it may be one of the greatest shirts ever made. It was originally an XL shirt so she wanted me to take it in. We thought it would make a great crop top instead. If you have any large t-shirts lying around then this is the project for you! I can't wait to make one for myself. Now lets get started.

L-XL T-shirt
Cropped T-shirt for a guide
Seam ripper

Step 1: Take your shirt and turn it inside out. Next lay it out completely flat on the floor, table, or wherever you prefer. 

Step 2: Lay the shirt you have chosen to get the shape from on top of the large shirt. Begin by cutting the shirt about an inch lower then the top shirt.

Step 3: Cut off the sleeves of the shirt.

Step 4: Now using your seam ripper tug on the sleeve at the seam to remove it completely. Do this on both sleeves. I made the mistake of not doing this until I realized it looked a bit silly with the seam for the arms being there.

Step 5: I trimmed the top of the shoulders and re-sewed it back together but I'm sure you can get away with not doing that.

Step 6: Cut out the collar of the shirt all the way around.

Step 7: If you chose to rip the shoulders then pin the 2 layers of the shirt together about 1/2 an inch down. If not move on to the next step.

Step 8: Fold over the collar of the shirt about a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch and pin.

Step 9: This is how your shirt should look once it is all pinned. Note: I had not pinned the back collar yet at this point but be sure to have that pinned as well.

Step 10: Now simply sew along all the areas you have pinned and that is it! I chose not to hem the sleeves of the shirt but feel free to do so.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Yay! My shirt! I love it!! I am gonna wear it when I get home later. Thanks boo. <3

  2. This is so cool!!!!! Just bought an old t-shirt to crop!:)