Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Square neck top

One of my favorite ways to sew is by using old clothes as a guide. This is what I did for this top. I bought the fabric at hobby lobby for $3 in the clearance section. Talk about a good deal! I decided to jazz up the neck line with lace trim. Love love love how this turned out! Just a friendly reminder...look out for ant piles while taking pictures of yourself. I have horrible ant bites now :(

1 yard or more of fabric (this will depend on the size of the shirt you are using)
Lace trim
Fabric pencil

Step 1: Fold you fabric in half with wrong side facing you. Lay your shirt on top of the fabric.

Step 2: Begin marking around the shirt with your fabric pencil. Leave at least an inch between your shirt and where you mark.

Step 3: Cut out your shirt along the lines you have made.

Step 4: Pin the top of the shoulders on both arms. Don't forget room for seam allowance. I left about an inch for mine. Do the same on the sides of the shirt up to the armpit.

Step 5: I cut the front a bit lower than the back. This is optional.

Step 6: Measure along the neck area of the shirt and cut off the corresponding amount of lace. I cut mine into sections.

Step 7: My lace was originally white so I decided to stain it with tea. If you want to do this take 1 cup hot water, 1 tbs apple cider vinegar, and 1 tea bag (I used a large iced tea bag). I also recommend placing something on top to hold down the lace (I used a small empty bottle). Let soak for at least 15 minutes.

Here is a comparison to show you the lace before and after staining.

Step 8: In order to speed up the drying process use a hair dryer on low until dry.

Step 9: Turn your shirt right side out and pin the lace onto the shirt. I did this one section at a time to make sure everything would line up instead of sewing it all at once.

Step 10: Hem the bottom of your shirt and the sleeves at about 1in and your done!

I love the big wide sleeves! Makes it funky & fun. Hope you guys like it.

Happy Sewing.

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