Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Detachable peter pan collar

My love for peter pan collars has grown to the point where I decided to make a detachable one that I can wear anytime I have the urge. It was surprisingly easy to make which is a plus. I wanted to make one that had a little extra pizazz to it, so I attached a lace trim at the top and covered the rest with pearls. It is hard to tell from the picture above but you will see soon!

Fabric in the color of your choice. 1/2 of a yard should be plenty.
Collar pattern
E-6000 glue (After searching the web I found this to be your best bet for keeping the pearls on)
*Lace trim & pearls if you choose to embellish your collar like mine

Step 1: Begin by tracing your pattern on to your fabric. Do this twice. Make sure your fabric is folded in half that way you will have 4 pieces in total. I traced mine 1/2 an inch away from the pattern in order leave room for seam allowance.

Step 2: Pin your pieces together and sew. Be sure to leave a 2 inch opening along the top of the collar so you can turn the pieces right side out. I did this near the widest section of the collar. Iron the pieces flat.

Step 3: Take your lace trim and line it up along the top of your collar. Pin as you go to keep the lace as flat as possible. Trim off the end of the lace when you reach the end of your collar. Repeat on the other collar.

Step 4: Cut off your desired length for your ribbon. Fold over the end of the ribbon and place on the back side of your collar. Sew back and forth several times. I would suggest folding over your ribbon ends and sewing also to keep from fraying. Repeat on the other collar.

Step 5: Your collar should look something like this now. Slightly overlap your pieces in the center and do a zigzag stitch back and forth. Now begin to place your pearls on the collar to decide on your placement.

Step 6: Take your E-6000 glue and attach your pearls. Allow at least an hour for the glue to fully dry.

I decided on a fashion change midway through but this picture shows better detail of the collar.

Happy Halloween! I think I will spend mine cuddled on the couch watching Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter. Still haven't seen it so I thought it would be a good movie for the occasion.

Oh and Happy Sewing of course ;)

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