Monday, October 1, 2012

Paper mache mummy jar

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I get so excited to decorate and carve pumpkins. Brings out my inner child. For the past few years my sister Danielle and I have had a tradition going called the Halloween extravaganza. We get together, bake yummy Halloween treats, and watch our cheesy holiday movies. It's a blast! We drag our significant others into it which I'm sure they just love. I think they secretly look forward to it. I mean come on, who doesn't love Hocus Pocus? Well needless to say I have been looking to add to my Halloween decor. I have tons of empty jars around and wanted to get some use out of them. I made one last year which was just some gauze wrapped around a jar. It's cute but I decided to up the ante. Thus the mummy jar 2.0 was born!

A balloon (Blow up your balloon until it appears to be the correct size for your jars head)
Newspaper (or any type of paper you have on hand)
Glue mixture (I used 1 part glue & 2 parts water)
Trash bag (if you choose to do this inside)
Fabric (I used scrap broad cloth)
Glue gun
Googly eyes (I took clear flat beads and colored the eyes on with sharpies)

Step 1: Begin by cutting your paper into small squares.

Step 2: Dip one sheet at a time into the paste. Shake off the excess paste. Apply the sheet onto the balloon and continue doing this. Make sure to overlap the pieces. (I wasn't too concerned with keeping the paper flat onto the balloon since it was going to be covered with fabric anyways. Plus it seems to be more challenging with a smaller balloon). Apply 3 layers to the balloon.

Step 3: Leave your balloon somewhere to dry like a bowl. If you can suspend the balloon that helps it to dry more thoroughly. Otherwise you will have to turn it at some point. Allow at least 16 hours for the balloon to dry.

Step 4: Once your paper mache has fully dried, pop the balloon and pull it out from the hole. (Be sure to hold the end of the balloon while you pop it so it doesn't fall back into the hole) Place the head onto the jar in the position you prefer.

Step 5: Take your glue gun and glue around the rim of the jar where the head meets the top of the jar.

Step 6: Cut your fabric into 2 inch wide strips. To make it look tattered, cut a small slit into the fabric and rip it apart instead of cutting the strips with scissors.

Step 7: Attach your eyes with the glue gun. Now take your fabric and wrap it around the head. I suggest not gluing the strips on until you are happy with the placement. I wrapped it around and then glued the end part. Continue doing this until you have wrapped both the head and jar completely.

Now go find a special place to show off your new mummy!

I like mine in this spooky lighting.

Happy Halloween crafting!

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