Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Men's plaid long sleeve refashion

Winter has finally arrived in Florida! The past few weeks have been quite chilly & I am loving the change. Last winter I think we had maybe a week of cool weather, which meant I did not get a chance to whip out my scarves or boots. I am making up for that big time this year! When refashioning this shirt I wanted to leave the length and keep it somewhat loose as well. It is one of those shirts you can lounge around in and feel extra cozy. I paired this top with black leggings, gray leg warmer/socks (which are actually sweater arms I cut off and re-purposed), and black boots as you will see shortly. I really love how laid back the whole look is.

Large men's long sleeve shirt
Marking pencil

Step 1: Turn your shirt inside out and begin marking where you want to take it in. I typically start by pinching underneath the armpit and work my way down my torso. Now pin where you marked.

Step 2: Sew along your pins. If everything fits well then cut off the extra fabric a 1/2 inch from your new seams.

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! I'm going to do a post tomorrow about mine. Better late than never ;)

Happy sewing...

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