Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turtleneck sweater refashion

One of the many great things that have come out of doing this blog is all the support I am given from my family. Every time I see one of them they have a huge bag of clothes for me to refashion. I couldn't be more grateful for their generosity. The refashion I did today was on a turtle neck sweater I was given. I love the slouchy sweater look that has been mighty popular this fall so I knew this would be perfect for it. It turned out great! All I did was cut out the turtle neck part and hem a new neckline. Super easy! Excuse my hair...I was rocking the bed head look as you can see above. Sheer laziness at its finest ;)

Turtleneck sweater
Matching thread

Step 1: Start by cutting out the turtleneck portion.

Step 2: Turn your sweater inside out and fold over the neckline and pin giving yourself enough room for seam allowance. I didn't need to cut my sweater any deeper after cutting out the turtleneck. It was plenty large enough to give that slouchy look.

Step 3: Now just hem where you have pinned and your done!


I also took in a pair of pants the other day which I was actually wearing in the photos but since I had no camera assistant today I only managed to get above the waist. I included some pictures below taken that day of the pants and a little spiel about that also. 

My first tutorial was refashioning a pair of yellow capris into skinny capris. It was such an easy way of taking in pants that when I was given these black, dress style pants I used the same method. I didn't make them as form fitting as the capris but they certainly are much skinnier, and very comfy too! This is a recycled tutorial but I wanted to emphasize that this refashion is quick & easy. You can find the original post here!

Happy Sewing 

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