Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 15: Garden progess

Well as you can see the garden is slightly visible from a distance. Yay for progress! There has been loads of growth this week. All of the vegetables have sprouted, the last of the 3 basil varieties we planted has sprouted, and the indoor lavender has sprouted also. I am very excited about the lavender, it is my favorite smell of all time so I'm hoping it takes off. Time for this weeks tour.

The onions are a new edition this week. They sprouted on day 10 and haven't slowed down a bit.

We thinned the radishes out since there were parts in the row that never grew in. They haven't grown much in the last week but are still healthy looking which is a plus.

                                    The spinach has started growing new leaves in the center.

Can you believe how much the peas have grown?!? I think it's about time we thinned these out.

                                            The radishes have also been growing like crazy.

                                                         The carrots sprouted on day 11.

                         The cilantro only sprouted 4 days ago and is already getting big!

Lime basil.

Genovese basil.

Sweet basil. 



Once the individual plant has been harvested I plan on doing a collage photo of all the growth stages. I think it will be a great way to document the changes fully. I hope you guys like this new addition to the blog.

Happy growing!

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