Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Glass cake stand christmas display

I have been on a Christmas decorating spree lately. We got our tree decorated on Saturday thanks to our sweet nephew Caleb. He spent about 45 minutes decorating the lower portion of the tree. He was totally in the zone. Once that fun passed I realized I needed to get cracking on some new decorations. I made a mason jar snow globe which turned out awesome. That gave me the inspiration to make this! Turns out glass cake stands make for a great snowy display. I made the fox, snowman, and logs out of polymer clay. Super easy & inexpensive. I'm in love!

Fake snow (I got my bag from big lots for about $2.50, You could even just grate a bar or two of    ivory soap for snow. The possibilities are endless.)
Polymer clay
Fake tree (found at the dollar tree)
LED tea light
Glass covered cake stand

Step 1: Take your fake snow and spread around the stand. I placed my tree down first and spread the snow around it.

Step 2: Form your figurines out of polymer clay, bake, let cool, and place them on your stand. That's all there is too it!

I see my cake stand being used for many holiday displays in the future. If you make a display of your own I'd love to see it! Send it my way :)

Happy Crafting


  1. Hello! I nominated you for Liebster Award! :) Have fun!

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination! What an honor! Looking forward to answering your questions :)