Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 50 : Garden progress

Has it really been over a month since I did a garden post? Shame on me! As you can see we have harvested most of our radishes. They are delicious! I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post. A week after my last garden update we went on a cruise for a week which was awesome. Then it was the holidays, so its been a combination of busyness and laziness which has kept me from it. We had one freeze in December which sadly killed the cucumber and all 3 varieties of basil. On the plus side everything else in the garden is doing great.

The broccoli is absolutely massive!!! No head has appeared yet but it should be happening within the next few weeks.

Here is a view of the entire row of broccoli.

The cilantro is a relatively new addition to the garden. We came back from our cruise and it had sprouted. I was getting worried that it wasn't going to grow so it was a pleasant surprise.

The row of cilantro.

The peas are also nice and big. No sign of pea pods yet but it should be happening within a few weeks.

The row of peas.

Something has been nibbling at our spinach. Trey covered the plants with left over wire fencing to hopefully keep them at bay. We shall see.

The beets should be ready to harvest in about 2 weeks. I have diligently been looking out for any surfacing. 

The row of beets & trey feets.

The onions are looking awesome!

A shot of the radishes before they left the garden. My hubby is eating some as we speak.

This guy was one of the biggest so far.

The lettuce got off to a slow start but has made up for it in the last few weeks. It should be ready to harvest in mid February,

The entire row of carrots has been coming in. Looking forward to eating those.

We only just realized we had parsley growing the other day. Our garden has a lot of extra random grass and plants that need to be pulled. Hence why we didn't recognize these.

The chamomile was another that went unrecognized. Very excited for this to bloom and have the sweet aroma fill the garden.

I hope you enjoyed the latest tour from our garden. Check back next week for more updates.

Happy Growing!

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