Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 57: Garden update

We have catnip! This was another unnoticed addition until the other day. I can't wait until we can give some to the kitties. They go nuts for the stuff. We finally got around to pulling those pesky weeds which is making everything stand out so much more.

No sign of any broccoli heads yet but I'm thinking the stem will need to double in size before that will happen.

We are going to have an abundance of cilantro. I see lots of taco nights in our future.

The chamomile seems a bit thicker this week.

Trey seperated the carrots today. There were about 5 in a tight cluster. Hopefully they survive the move.

The yummy lettuce!

Okay we really need to get sticks for the peas. They are turning into a bush.

The high security spinach is doing much better since we put the fencing over it.

Beets for days! The leafs are filling out nicely.

The parsley.

The onions and the weeds attempting to take them over ;)

The pictures were taken before we weeded the garden. You will be able to see a huge difference next week.

Happy Growing!

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