Thursday, January 24, 2013

Patterned back button down

Here is a quick way of renewing an old button down. I used some scrap patterned fabric I had to make this. It only took 30 minutes and I feel like I have a brand new top. I wanted to use something more colorful but I chickened out. This is subtle but effective so I'm happy.

Button down shirt

Step 1: If your shirt is wrinkled like mine was, go ahead and iron it.

Step 2: Take your fabric and lay it over top of your shirt with the wrong side facing up. Begin by marking along the seams of the shoulders and work your way down the arm seams also.

I placed my fingers like so to feel where the seams were to mark it as correctly as possible. I went down to the armpit.

Step 3: Now cut out the fabric along the lines you have just made and lay it back down with the right side facing up.

Step 4: Pin your fabric to the shirt.

Step 5: Set your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch and begin sewing along the edges of your fabric.

Here is a close up of the back.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Such a pretty detail to add to a plain old shirt. I like how the fabric you added provided a subtle contrast to the white shirt.

    1. Thanks Erica! That was exactly what I was going for. I'm glad I didn't go with a bold color choice. I think this works perfectly. Have you tried out your sewing machine yet?