Monday, February 11, 2013

Elastic waistband skirt

Spring is on its way! Well not so much for you north easterners...but here in Florida I think it's safe to say that the chilly weather is on its way out for good. In celebration of this warm weather I decided to refashion an old drawstring skirt.

I've slowly been recovering from a cold so I didn't want to work on anything too time consuming. This was just the type of project I needed to get back into the swing of things. I'm also planning on setting aside more time to take care of little household projects we have been putting off. I want to start by painting the insides of the kitchen cabinets on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Elastic (I used 1.5 inch)
Matching thread

Step 1: If your skirt has a drawstring then pull it out completely.

Step 2: Take your elastic and wrap it around your waist or wherever you want your skirt to lie. Overlap the ends about an inch so it feels snug. Snip off the excess.

Step 3: Line up the ends of your elastic and stitch the ends together. Do this several times for a secure stitch.

Step 4: Pin the elastic band to your skirt. I laid mine over top of the skirt. Gather the skirt while pinning.

Step 5: Set your machine to a zig-zag stitch and be sure to PULL the elastic as you are sewing. Sew over top of the elastic as close to the skirt as possible. Cut your threads and your done!

A cute and simple skirt that's perfect for frolicking in spring flowers. Let the countdown begin :)

Happy sewing!

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