Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mixed pattern long sleeve top

First off let me say I'm giving myself a big pat on the back. I finally moved outside for photos! Granted I am literally right out front my door but it's still a step in the right direction. Unfortunately I forgot to change my ISO setting on my camera so excuse the grainy quality. Oh and the lovely toothpaste spot right in the middle. I'll have to remember to brush my teeth before getting dressed next time. Either way I'm so happy with this refashion. It's certainly not a Florida appropriate top at the moment but I couldn't resist. Plus by the time it's cool out again my belly will be much too large to have made this. Now i get to stare at it in my closet for the next few months. Lets get started!

Long sleeve button down
Fabric of your choice
Seam ripper
Fabric pencil

Step 1: Find the point on your shirt where you want the new fabric to start. Draw a line across at this area and cut off the bottom half.

Step 2: Using a seam ripper, remove the stitches down one of the side seams on the bottom half of the shirt. This piece will serve as your template for the new fabric.

Step 3: Turn your fabric over so the wrong side is facing you. Lay your shirt bottom on top of the fabric. Trace around the pattern. Make sure when tracing you leave enough space for seam allowance. I had about 1 inch. Also mark and F for front on the front piece and B for the back piece on your new fabric. This way you attach the correct sides onto the top piece of your blouse. (Note: I would recommend removing the side seams on the other side also. That way your tracing is more accurate)

Step 4: With the right sides facing together, sew down your sides.

Step 5: Hem the bottom of your top.

Step 6: Turn your top half of the blouse inside out. Put this inside the bottom half (which should remain inside out). Match your side seams and make sure your front half is facing your other front half. Sew the pieces together around the opening. Trim your ends and your done!

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