Saturday, August 31, 2013

Button down sweater alteration

I just couldn't resist starting my first Fall refashion. Technically, Fall doesn't really exist in Florida nor does Winter for that matter, but I do look forward to that wee drop in temperature we get. Sigh--one day I'll move further north. 

On a side note, you can see my belly has certainly been blooming lately. I'm convinced it happened over night. Plus I'm now 29 weeks today! Where has this pregnancy gone? The clock has really started ticking down now. I can't wait!

Now back to business...This sweater really isn't so much a refashion as an alteration. It was pretty big so I decided to take it in on the sides and re-attach the sleeves at a higher spot. I made sure to leave some extra room for the growing belly of course. It will make for a nice comfy sweater post-pregnancy. 

Large sweater
Seam Ripper
Matching thread

Step 1: Begin by using your seam ripper to detach sleeves. I marked with a pencil on the inside of the sleeve which was the left and right.

Step 2: Turn your sweater inside out and put on. Pinch and mark where you need to take the sweater in at down the side seams. Pin these areas and then sew your new side seams.

Step 3: Since I decided to make the sleeves start higher up, I folded the shoulder area under to the desired place where the sleeves would begin. Pin around the open arm area and cut off excess fabric. 

Step 4: With your sweater still inside out place the sleeve inside the arm hole so that the right sides are facing each other and the edges are together. Make sure the sleeve seam is down and matches up with your side seam of the sweater. Pin the edges and sew. Note: Your sleeves have not yet been taken in at this point. The way I did this is once I had pinned the sleeves to the arm hole, I cut the extra fabric down the seams of the sleeve so that the sleeves now fit perfectly into the arm hole. I only cut about 2 inches down the sleeve seam since the sleeves still needed to be taken in. 

Step 5: Your sleeves should now be attached at this point and all you have left to do is take in your sleeves. With your sweater inside out, pinch down the underside of the seams to take in. Mark and pin these area. Sew along pins. It made more sense to me to take in the sleeves last. That way I could be sure the top of the sleeves wouldn't end up being too small when attaching them back onto the arm holes.

And there you have it. A slightly more form fitting snugly sweater.

Man oh man that belly is getting big! 11 weeks to go....

Happy sewing.

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