Thursday, August 15, 2013

The bathroom remodel reveal!

It's done!!! Woohoo!!! Granted the bathroom was finished about 2 weeks ago but the excitement has yet to wane. I'm so proud of my guy and all the hard work he put in. The bathroom turned out exactly how we had envisioned. The bathroom is pretty small, so I couldn't get a good full shot of it. Below are a few shots of the rest of Trey's handy work. We also started getting the nursery together, which I'm excited to share with you all.

We decided to use the extra pieces of tile as baseboards. I think it worked perfectly!

I love love love the big tile!

Not trying to toot my own horn but that snazzy mirror in the background was an old mirror I revamped. It was my one contribution to the project. We want to get a rack or cupboard to hang above the toilet for extra storage space. Luckily there is a closet right outside of the bathroom so I can store anything extra in there.

Now onto the nursery.

Ta da!!! We still need to get an extra dresser to store blankets and a few other nick knacks, but luckily we found a home for most everything so far. The theme of the nursery is the very hungry caterpillar. My wonderful mother-in-law has been hard at work making the crib set for me. She is so awesome! Once everything is finished I will be sure to do a post on the completed room.

The adorable glider (courtesy of my big sister) that I assembled all by myself. Go me!

The changing table and some of those homeless items. My friend Jessica found that Eric Carle ABC canvas. I can't get over how cute it is.

Another angle of the room. Everything has really come together.

I can't wait for our little boy to get here!


  1. Excellent! All looks Fabulous Georgia!

    1. Thank you Delphine! Everything is coming together nicely here. I can't wait to finish the nursery X