Monday, October 21, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 37

I can't believe how close to the end I am getting. Our little guy is officially full term! I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief. Things have continued to be pretty hectic around here. It's more a product of my own making. I constantly think there's something I need to be doing-- I suppose this is nesting at its finest. All of his clothing and bedding are washed, baby bag packed, and the nursery mostly complete. I'll be sure to put up pictures once it's all done. Once he has arrived and we settle into parenthood I promise to continue more projects on here. I have so many ideas stashed away for cute winter refashions and some for the little guy too. 

How far along: 37.1 weeks.Total Weight Gain/Loss: About 36 pounds! They don't lie about this last trimester weight gain.Maternity clothes: Still doing a mix. I have a lot of loose tops and dresses from before pregnancy that I'm wearing lately. Stretch marks: None on the belly but I have some nice ones on my bum now lol. Just keeping it real ;)Sleep: Sleep is still an issue. Moving from side to side always causes a lot of pressure on my pelvis. He has been VERY low this week. Best moment last week: The midwives at my birthing center invited me to be apart of a commercial they were having filmed. It was a great experience! I got to chat with some other pregnant mommies and a few who have just had their babies recently. It has me even more excited for his due date to arrive. Movement: His movements have slowed down a bit since he's running out of space. He sure does make them count though. Food cravings: Pesto! I cannot get enough of the stuff.Gender: Boy!Labor signs: Nothing major but he has dropped very very low. I've been experiencing the wonderfully named "Lightning Crotch" more lately. I still haven't had any Braxton Hicks contractions but have noticed my stomach going very hard periodically for a minute or so. We shall see...Belly button - in or out? It's pretty much out in its own special way. What I miss: Comfortable sleep. What I am looking forward to: His arrival! 20 days left...Milestones: Reaching full term status. Now the waiting game begins. I still have a feeling he will be early. 

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