Monday, February 17, 2014

Oversized sweater refashion

Winter always brings out two sides of me. My love of hot chocolate and extra comfy clothes. I wore this sweater almost all weekend. It's just one of those sweaters that you don't want to take off. It started off as a collared polo sweater and is one of the easiest refashions you can do. I still don't have a great deal of time to put into sewing so these kind of projects are perfect. I can tame that sewing bug I get and only invest about 5 minutes. What a compromise!

Collared sweater
Matching thread
Seam ripper

Step 1: Begin by removing your collar with a seam ripper. You can always just cut out the collar if you want save time.

Step 2: I prefer the buttons in the back so in order to do this you will want to cut the original back side neck line of the shirt slightly. Follow the shape that is there and cut about an inch deep. Start at the shoulders.

Step 3: Turn your sweater inside out and fold over the neckline slightly. Press and pin.

Step 4: Sew your new hem along the pins and your done!

Happy sewing!

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