Sunday, July 27, 2014

Petit Posies

Okay so another reason I have been m.i.a. lately is because I have started a new venture. I'd like to introduce to you my new shop Petit Posies. My mother-in-law and I have teamed up to start making bags and children's apparel. I'm also planning on making stuff for the ladies eventually. I love sewing as I'm sure your well aware of and felt it was time for me to take a leap and get my creations out there. My hope is that this little venture turns into a successful Etsy shop. August is at the age now where it's becoming easier to set aside the time while he's napping to work on my projects. I'm hoping this leads to more frequent blogging but I intend on taking this one step at a time for now. I'm not ready to over-load myself just yet hah! I would love love love for you guys to take a look. I only have a few things up at the moment but will be adding more soon once items are photographed and a few other items are finalized. Thanks so much for taking the time and I would love to hear any feedback. Click here to check out Petit Posies or click the newly added link on the sidebar!

Thanks again everyone! 

Oh and here's a little something extra since it has been ages since I shared a photo of my little chap. I can't get enough of that face.

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