Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Soul searching

Motherhood has been the biggest adventure of my life. Everyday this little person of mine is learning something new, growing, changing and leaving me in total awe at the sight of it all. My blog took a backseat to this new found love in my life. I started feeling completely uninspired and uninterested in all things to do with my blog. I think my main problem has been trying to blog in a way that just won't work for me. I started this as something to enjoy and share with others and towards the end I wanted nothing to do with it. I was trying to model myself after other bloggers and lost my sense of self and purpose within that. So now it is high time I do this my way!

These last few months I found myself on the other end of the spectrum. I was checking out peoples blogs and gradually my desire to create crept back in. I've done soooo many projects simply for the love of creating!

Where I'm going...

My goal for this blog honestly is to not set any. I felt far too much pressure to push out posts that the quality ended up lacking in my eyes. I want to do this simply in a manner that is fun! This may mean that only my friends and family come around but I'm finally okay with that. I plan on sharing projects I'm working on, things going on in my life, recipes I'm trying (yes, I have found a new passion for cooking), and a few tutorials here and there. I've missed this blog and I'm excited to start fresh!

Oh and did I mention I am now the mother of a 1 year old!!!! Crazy right??? My little weasel is now a walking, talking (okay babbling), climbing (sadly) machine. I'm still blown away that this once tiny newborn baby now rules this house. He's so spunky and has his own great little personality. He really is the best thing ever in my totally biased opinion of course.

Here's our little trio on Halloween. I was a witch, August was Sully from Monsters Inc., and Daddy was Jack Sparrow.

I made myself this pretty awesome witch skirt from 2 huge boxes of curtains my best friend gave me. I'm also making something else with some of those curtains which I'm super excited about. Excuse me while I geek out for a minute...

I bought this Game of Thrones inspired pattern during one of the 99 cent pattern sales at Hobby Lobby. Being a huge fan of the show I of course had to buy this. Every year on the weekend of my birthday, conveniently, there is a medieval fair held about an hour and a half away from where I live. I grew up going just about every year and can't get enough of it. I'm obsessed with the medieval time period up through the Tudor age. Seriously, ask my husband. I've seen just about every documentary and own every book related to Henry VIII. It's a problem. Well I decided it was time for me to dress up so I'm currently working on dress A in the picture above. Yep, I'm officially one of those people. I'll be posting updates on this project for sure! Luckily I have another 2 months to complete it. Phew!

Eeeeek!!! I may have to work on it during the next nap session. I'm dying to see it with the sleeves attached. 

I'll be sharing more projects I've completed soon!

Have a great week guys :-)

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