Monday, March 16, 2015

DIY bowling pins from snack containers

I'm always trying to find ways to reuse items before they hit the recycling bins. I noticed August's puffs containers are shaped an awful lot like bowling pins so I turned them into a fun new game for him. He doesn't quite have the coordination to roll the ball into the pins but he still enjoys throwing the ball. Even if it is in the complete wrong direction. These are great for outdoor play too. You could always fill up the containers with something like water or small objects to weigh them down a bit so they don't get blown away by the wind. I think we'll try that out today.

Puffs container (these are the Happy Baby brand)

Step 1: Use scissors to cut into the label and remove. Rinse and dry the container and your ready to play!

At first he was more interested in opening and closing the lids. That has kind of been his favorite thing to do lately.

With a little help from mommy he knocked them down. Fun ensued for the next half hour.

and then we were back to opening lids with the hope there were more snacks hiding inside. Silly weasel.

Happy Crafting!

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