Friday, March 20, 2015

DIY skid proof socks

Now that we are in the full blown toddler stage this means lots of running. With the running comes falling. Especially when socks are involved. I try to keep him barefoot as much as possible since we have hardwood throughout the house (with the exception of his room), but sometimes the hardwood is just too cold on our feet and I want him to wear socks. I have a few pairs of socks with the non skid lettering on the soles but those are beginning to lose their partners lately. My sister-in-law gave me this idea months ago to just add a bit of puff paint to the bottoms to keep his feet firmly planted. Well I finally got around to trying it out and let me tell you it works GREAT! So far today there has been zero tumbles which is a big deal for this little guy.

Marker (for tracing foot)
Cardboard (to line inside of sock while painting)
Fabric puff paint

Toddlers are notoriously tricky models. I managed to get him to sit just long enough to get a few close ups.

While my experience with puff paint has been good to date, I'm still hoping these hold up once washed. I'll be sure to update when I know for sure.

Happy Crafting!

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