Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DIY color block bird house

Well Florida skipped right from Spring into Summer and let me tell you it has been HOT! I know the worst is yet to come as far as humidity and heat are concerned but a few more cooler days would have been appreciated. On the plus side, the warm weather has given me that much needed boost to get back into my crafty zone again. I've been loving all of those fun, bold colored bird houses I've seen around lately (ie. Anthropologie). I decided to venture to Michael's to check out their bird houses. I love the classic look of this one and for around $4 it was certainly a steal. I totally blanked out while at Michael's and didn't pick up paint but fortunately Target carries a pretty surprisingly awesome selection of colors. Everything else I had on hand and let me tell you I LOVE the end result. I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea but I needed some bright color blocking in my life. Now all that's left is for my husband to hang it up for me in the yard. I've got the spot picked out and everything. I'll be sure to add an updated photo when it's up and hopefully we'll have a visitor or two.

Bird house (I bought mine from Michael's for about $4) 
Acrylic paint (The colors I used were Birds nest, Coral, and Avocado purchased from Target at $1.99 each)
Painters tape
Sponge paint brush
Small paint brush (for the smaller areas)

Step 1: I began by painting the roof and the other areas I wanted blue.

Step 2: From there I moved onto my coral color and painted the underside of the roof and the top of the base.

Step 3: I then taped off the center area I wanted to make the avocado color. Once that was dry I taped over the green to where the coral line would meet and added another line of tape at the thickness I wanted.

Step 4: Once the coral strip was dry I taped over that and added my final green strip.

Step 5: I finished by painting the interior of the hole blue.

Happy crafting!

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