Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Space fabric fridge magnets

I'm a total scrap fabric hoarder. I have tons of tiny bits of fabric that I swear I'll do something with one day. True to my word I have finally done something with at least a small portion of it. I made August two cute floor cushions out of this spaceship fabric a month ago and saved the rest of course. I initially planned on using it to make felt board pieces but apparently 18 month olds and felt boards are not a good combination. At least with my destructive little guy. He instantly tore the black felt off the board so I scrapped that idea for now. I decided to make magnets instead. He's currently obsessed with magnets so I knew this would be an August approved craft. This was literally the quickest craft project I have ever completed which with a small child is always a big deal.

Glue gun
Magnet strip tape (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby)

Step 1: Begin by cutting out your fabric pieces. Then lay that piece on top of your felt and cut.

Step 2: Cut off a piece of magnet and attach it to your fabric piece.

Step 3: Add hot glue onto your felt piece and then press the two pieces together.

The picture may be blurred but his expression is priceless. He was pretty impressed.

Here are a couple of other magnet crafts I've done in the past...

Click here for the tutorial

Click here for the tutorial.

Happy crafting!

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